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"The Big Easy"... New Orleans, Louisiana

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One way to travel -by air- to New Orleans is to fly your plane and land at  Lakefront Airport (NEW). Lakefront airport is a GA airport about ten minutes away from all the famous New Orleans attractions, including the French Quarter -which is where I visited and stayed. The other is to fly commercially into Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY).


Below are some photos from the trip that I can share... my first official and very brief R&R break in over five years! 


Photos were taken when I was not involved in: eating and/or drinking and/or being fully immersed in the atmosphere which was most of the time! The food and drinks were great, and so was the atmosphere!  Typical to other southern and southwestern states I have visited, the local hospitality was wonderful.


There were places I was not able to take photos in because photography was prohibited; furthermore, I decided to respect the privacy of people in other public places where there were many having 'too much fun' [lol]... i.e. what happened in the Big Easy, and was supposed to stay in the Big Easy, I left it there and in my memory! ;-)


Below the following photos are a couple of videos that should give you a more holistic view of New Orleans and some of the the places I visited and things I did.


Warning: If you plan to have an early quiet night at the French Quarter's hotels, that may not be possible! Many, well, 'happy people' stay up partying out till early morning hours! but I have to say, their laughter/happiness can be contagious; also, that did not stop me from sleeping like a rock every night, and to wake-up the following mornings as fresh and cool as the morning air -which I enjoyed while I sipped on my cups of coffee sitting at the room's balcony as the city rose up with the sun!


I left New Orleans with a bit of a heavy heart, but not before making new friends there, creating new pleasant memories to last forever, and expanding my horizons and knowledge about one of our neighboring sibling states.


-Raed M.Alexander Ayyad

Nov. 2013






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